Hal T. Best was born in the city of Washington D.C. At the age of eight he saw a preacher speaking and he said, "I can do that," not knowing that he was painting upon the canvas of his heart, the plan of God for his life.

His desire is to create an environment for people to be planted in the house of God, where they can grow, discover their calling and gifts, develop their character in the five phases of man (spiritual, physical, mental, social, and financial) which will make an impact on the lives of others; influence their known world, and empower other people to reproduce the same core values that reveal that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light for all people to live by.

He helps pastors, ministers and leaders to reach their destiny in a loving, caring, fatherly way, like a coach, some times tough and some times tender. But, always with love, care, and understanding that relationships are built through standing and trusting, and worth fighting for. Because of his character, many pastors and organizations call on him to advise them, or to sit on their boards.

In 2007, Hal received his Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Saint Thomas Christian College.


Madelin M. Best is one of twelve children. She is the wife of Dr. Hal T. Best, Senior Pastor of Eternal Hope of Glory, Chester Township, PA. She is the mother of two children, Barry and Leah.

She graduated from the George E. Hilton Ministries Video Bible School in May 1989 and the School of Ministry in 1992.

She is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She currently heads up the women's fellowship, the Daughters of Judah, and is over the music ministry at Eternal Hope of Glory. She has also headed up several other ministries at the church. In May 2006, she was installed as the Executive Pastor of Eternal Hope of Glory.

God has placed in her a burning desire to see the people of God be all that He has ordained them to be from their mothers' wombs. She is a constant reminder to the devil that he is a defeated foe, and that the Word of God works mightily in each believer. According to Job 33:4 (KJV) "The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life." has become a revelatory scripture in her life.